Monday, July 11, 2011

Radiation Waves

Marian Steinbach, who was one of the first web person to parse web documents from Japanese into parsable content during the Fukushima accident, has now collected the radiation data from the extensive German Radiation Network over Germany and made a movie out of it. Here it is:

Radiation Weather from Marian Steinbach on Vimeo.

France has more than 400,000 nodes, I wonder if we could get a similar view at some point in time. One of the thing that is very fascinating to me, a nuclear engineer, is the wave nature of process. We usually never visualize these readings that way as most detectors are generally very coarsely located. Let us not forget also that these waves are in the background and reflect mostly some atmospheric events, including more or less the interaction of the ionosphere with the GCR (Galatic Cosmic Radiation) i.e. very high energy particles that produce radiation showers on Earth.