Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Participatory Sensing Systems enabled through a billion smartphones

What can you do with a billion smartphones ? Participatory sensing seems an obvious choice or at least it was back in 2008-2009. From the Urban Sensing/CENS website:
Participatory sensing. urban sensing is about people like you—equipped with today’s mobile + web technology—systematically observing, studying, reflecting on, and sharing your unique world. through discovery and connected participation, you can see the world anew. you can tell your local story. you can make change.   
Another related project using compressive sensing is Ear Phone. Similar participatory projects also include
Additional participatory projects can be found at

In 2011, it seems that the momentum has been lost for implementing these systems. The issue of privacy has so far not been resolved as a whole (see the iPhone/Android Geolocation headlines of this past year) with the general population.